Water Play: Safe, Summer Fun

It might feel a little late in the year to be discussing all the fun that you can have with water…

…but it’s still worth mentioning in case there are any international readers out there who are stuck for things to do in the summer heat.

When I was a kid, I remember wistfully looking out of the window during the summer at the other kids in the neighbourhood, racing around in their front gardens with water guns or jumping into the car with beach balls and towels, ready for a day at the beach or the pool.

My grandparents were a little too old to frolic with me in the back garden and they were always a little worried about letting me run out into the great unknown with neighbours – I guess they’d read some horror stories in the tabloids about kids going missing and couldn’t bear the thought of the same happening to me.

Thankfully I managed to catch up on years of water play this summer with my family and I thought I’d share some of the things we got up to, in case you were thinking about buying a swimming pool for next summer or simply planning out your next big holiday abroad.

Water Fights

Although they sound rather violent, a good water fight can be just the thing to cool off on a hot summer’s day and it can be a great way of exercising too! I found that there are a few key components necessary to making a good water fight. As much as you can have a lot of fun with just the two of you, there’s a lot to be said for getting a big group together.

To make the chaos that much more fun you can also consider buying a wide variety of weapons such as water guns, balloons and even sponges to mix things up!

Safety Tip: Make sure that there are towels on hand, that you’re outside and everyone has grippy shoes on to avoid slips.

Casual Pool Games

Swimming pools present a great opportunity to fool around and have a laugh with your family. Thanks to my job in property management, I managed to score a few days in private pools this year and got to try out a few games that I’d heard of. Marco Polo is a classic game that can be played with two people. If you have more people in your party then you can think about playing Shark and Minnows (a simple game of tag). Older kids and adults can also exercise caution and carry each other on their shoulders, this is known as a Chicken Fight.

Safety Tip: Make sure that all swimming pool covers are removed before get the kids in the area, jumping onto these can be dangerous.

Water Sports

There are a number of more competitive sports that you can play in a medium-sized pool, these usually require a few bits of kits but can prove to be a great way of passing some time and creating some friendly rivalries between friends. Games like water polo require goals and, if possible, a level swimming pool. If you don’t have the resources for these then you can always by a cheap waterproof projectile like a Waboba ball, Nerf Vortex or beach ball and play a simple game of catch!

Safety Tip: It’s important that players are matched physically in these games, if not then younger players are at risk of getting injured.

Extreme Water Fun

There are certain water-based activities that you simply can’t do in the comfort of your own back garden – should you wish to take your water based play to the next level, you can take your family to a water park or indoor water adventure centre. Huge slides, fountain jets, wave machines, rubber dinghy rapids – the variety of activities are endless and I’ve not even mentioned the likes of kayaking, rafting or sailing!

Safety Tip: Whenever you take your kids to a public place make sure they know where the life guards are and where to meet you if they get lost.

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