Team Sports: Getting Started

I was never much one for competitive sports.

During school, P.E. was the only class that I didn’t take to.

Looking back now, I’m convinced that the reason I never really enjoyed sports as a child was because I wasn’t given a chance to play them with other kids outside of school. I spent the majority of my younger years studying or reading, rather than booting a football around or playing rough’n’tumble.

Despite not really taking to any kind of sports as a kid, I decided to try and get into one during my year off from work. With my newfound spare time I decided that I’d get fit and join a footie team. After my first season, training and playing with a bunch of complete strangers, I can’t claim to have any goals to my name, but I’m glad I’ve found a place in a new group of friends.

If you’re thinking about joining a sports team, here are a few helpful tips that could make things easier for you:

Find a Sport

This is the first big challenge. Obviously, if you’re already a fan of a particular sport then starting to play that one is the best idea. Unfortunately, many sports can be particularly taxing on the body, so it’s important to choose one that you’re physically capable of doing. Football can be hard on the joints, but its generally a good one to go for as there are ample teams to join throughout the UK and it’s a sport that requires minimal investment.

Tip: Always consider how much time you have to invest in your new sport. Whilst football matches only take 90 minutes, cricket games can last for as long as 8 hours!

Buy some Kit

Everyone has recurring nightmares of turning up to P.E. without their kit, so don’t be that guy that turns up to practice the first day without any gear! The internet is your friend here, take a look at the bare minimum that you’ll need to train with and always look to find used gear instead of new, as you might find out that the sport simply isn’t for you. It’s worth inquiring with your local sports club before you buy anything, they often have spare gear knocking around that you can borrow for a few sessions.

Tip: You can buy Nike trainers in wholesale at certain websites to get started, you can sell any spares at an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon to cover your costs.

Join a Team

Once you’ve got your gear together, it’s time to take arguably the most important step and join a team! Joining a sports club can be a nerve-wracking experience, you’re quickly introduced to a load of new people and then you’re tested based on your sporting ability. It’s worth considering the distance that you’ll need to travel to get to the club and remember that you may well need to travel long distances for away matches.

Tip: Take a deep breath before jumping into your first training session, remember that you’re here to play and have fun!

Play a Match

If you’ve made it through your pre-season training and are still up for playing then you’ll soon find yourself in your very first competitive match. Whether it’s a friendly, cup game or league match, the pressure will be on to perform so make sure that you get a good night’s sleep before. Keep a cool head when you’re playing and remember your training – regardless of the end score you should be proud of your achievement!

Tip: Make sure to take some extra cash to your first game so that you can buy your team mates a round of drinks after the game.


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