Can Gardening Ever Be A Game?

If you’ve ever tried gardening in real life then you’ll know that it’s an endeavour which can take a lot of time, no to mention patience.

Whether you’re trying to create life out of nothing in a dusty back yard, or you’re grappling with a nasty Japanese knotweed infestation then it’s likely you understand where I’m coming from.

Putting the legal consequences of having Japanese knotweed aside, gardening in the real world can cause all kinds of headaches that can easily turn a relaxing afternoon spent outside into a stressful way of spending an afternoon. Thankfully, no one’s forcing you into the garden any time soon, but if you have the desire to get your fingers green then you can always choose to play one of these wonderful gardening themed board games.


The simply titled¬†Gardens was createdby Perpau Llistosella and is best described as a ’tile-layer’ or Carcassonne-like game which players battle for control of land so that they can grow their beautiful gardens. Players who are familiar with aforementioned game will have no trouble picking this up, but might find that they yearn for a more original board game to spend their money on.

2-4 players – 45 min playing time – Ages 8+

Garden Party

William Grosselin’s family game puts players in the position of competing gardeners seeking to best each other at a competition. There are 14 different plants to nurture through a lifecycle and player have the option to use magic to gain the upper hand over their adversaries. Action points management and tactical play is the name of the game here in a board game which will test your logic skills.

3-6 players – 60 min playing time – Ages 8+

The Last Garden

You’ll need a good deal of imagination (and previous experience with work placement games) to get to grips with The Last Garden, a deep strategy and betting game that sees you take control of a number of ‘Robotanists’, decommissioned mining robots that have been reprogrammed to create elaborate gardens for the last remaining woman on Earth, The Queen. Competing with your fellow players for The Queen’s affections, you’ll mine, build the garden and earn favors.

2-4 players – 45 min playing time – Ages 13+

Veggie Garden

This strategy game is much simpler to pick up than some of the other games on this list and offers a great shorter alternative for those looking for a quick game. Grow as much veg as possible to win the game, but be careful not to attract the attention of the groundhog or the rabbit! Don’t let the simplistic cartoons fool you,¬†Veggie Garden is a game that takes some time to master and a bit of foresight to conquer.

2-4 players – 25 min playing time – Ages 12+

Traditional Games

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