You should always have time in your life to play a game!

That’s what I think.

Who am I? I’m Heath Sampson, an avid gamer of many types and a strong believer in the power of play. From my base in Broughton I work in the property management business, but in my spare time I like to play games and find new ways of introducing as many people to new games as possible.

It might sound rather odd, but I never really got the chance to ‘play’ as a child. Raised by my grand parents, after the unfortunate breakup of my parents, they were intent on me getting a strong education and a good job, so that I’d be capable of looking after myself when they eventually passed away. Instead of going out and playing football, or hanging with friends in the evening, my spare time was spent studying. I enjoyed it, but I always felt that I was somehow missing out on something.

Their firm guiding hands helped me achieve my professional and financial goals by the age of thirty. However, regardless of the success I’d achieved, I felt unhappy with the state of my life. What I was missing in my life was fun – in short, I needed to play.

The moment of realisation came when I met the woman who would later become my wife. She had a son from a previous marriage and as she had full custody the majority of our early dates were spent at parks and soft play, places that were completely alien to me. It was at these places that I started to realise the power of play. When little Charlie went to these places to play, time would not matter to him, he didn’t get hungry, he didn’t seem to tire. The act of playing pulled him into the present and pinned him there – in this state he was undoubtedly happy and I found myself being jealous.

When I was by myself, I wondered how I could attain this immediate sense of happiness – how could a man well into his thirties learn how to play?

I decided that I needed to take a year out from work to find out and now I’ve made it my personal mission to introduce readers of my blog to how play can help them.

Regardless of your age, ethnicity or religion – you should always have time in your life for play.